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Mini Bone Marrow Chew - Peanut Butter

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Mini Bone Marrow Chew
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Size: 10cm x 1cm (Approx.)

Why are Mini Bone Marrow Chews so popular?
Mini Marrows can be a great way to test your dog with bone marrow products and try different flavours before moving up to the dental chew sizes (small, medium and large). Despite their jelly-like appearance, Mini Bone Marrow Chews are very solid. They are a hard chew that can benefit your dog in several ways:
  • High in collagen and gelatine 
  • 95% Protein & very Low Fat (Plain marrow flavour less than 2% fat)
  • Boosts the immune system 
  • Supports joint health 
  • Maintains good dental health*
  • Excellent addition to enrichment
  • Available in many yummy flavours for your pup to try
IMPORTANT: For owners who have not offered Bone Marrow Chews to their dogs before, please read on to ensure they are appropriate for your hound and home before purchase. Always supervise dogs with mini chews and ensure they have access to fresh water.

How to give Mini Marrow Chews:
  • On its own as a tasty healthy snack (supervision recommended)
  • Stuffed or frozen into a meal/treat dispensing toy (e.g. a Sodapup Can Toy or Kong)
  • Softened a little with hot water to get your pup started with chewing if needed
95% Australian Beef Bone Marrow, plus the ingredient listed in the name. 

Bone marrow contains gelatine and collagen and will dissolve with your dog's saliva. Just like any yummy natural dog chew, do not let them eat it anywhere that they might make a mess! 

*Dogs with suspected poor dental health or a problem tooth should never be given hard chews such as these.
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