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Personalised Guide Books

Custom creation of Puppy Guide Book.

2 x Ebook versions: New Owner / Guardian.

Personalised and branded to your business.

Include referrals and recommendations.

Comprehensive content including health, behaviour, safety, nutrition and development.

Price List

Puppy rearing takes a lot of care and attention and we understand how much research has gone in to each individual breeders choices. We want to ensure all of this information is passed on to your new puppy parents, vets, groomers and puppy sitters in a way that represents your breeding business professionally and thoroughly.

After one to one consultation, we develop two unique guide books for your business - one for new puppy parents and one for guardian families.

These guide books showcase your breeding choices, lay out your expectations for new owners and support new pet parents in providing the best start for their pets.

Covering health, wellbeing, behaviour, nutrition and much more, this valuable ebook can bridge the gap between pups leaving your care, and settling in to their new homes.

Having worked closely with vets and multiple pet retail services we know how beneficial information like this can be, and just how much it can improve the experience of welcoming a new puppy home.

Printable ebooks are included in the package cost, with additional options available for printed and bound booklets to be delivered.