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Bone Marrow Chews - Maple Bacon - Healthy Chews For Dogs

Make treat time even healthier with these 100% Australian Made Bone Marrow chews. They're a long lasting chew that has brilliant benefits for your dogs health.

Boosts the immune system
Supports joint function and decreases joint inflammation
Builds stem cells - helps repair the body

How they're made:
These healthy Bone Marrow Chews are made in a proprietary process which takes over 6 weeks. It involves both heating and cooling of the marrow, separating and removing almost all of the fat and leaving the incredibly healthy marrow which is set, without chemicals or fillers. This is an in-depth process and is protected by patent.

100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow + the ingredient listed in the name.

If the chew is a little hard for your pup to get started, just soak it in some warm water to soften a little. For power chewers, monitor your dog while they are chewing. Bone marrow chews are a very durable dental chew, but strong chompers will be able to consume them in a good chewing session. For most dogs these last multiple chewing sessions, but every dog is different so please observe your dog carefully with any new treat!

Bone marrow naturally contains gelatine and will dissolve with your dog's saliva. Just like any yummy natural animal product, do not let them eat it anywhere that they might make a mess! We recommend outdoors ;)

100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow + Maple Bacon.

Two sizes:
- Small  10cm x 2.5cm (Approx.)
- Large 15cm x 3.5cm (Approx.)

Product Source:
Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow.
Shipping Australia wide
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