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Bone Marrow Chews - Pork - Dental Chews For Dogs

S: 11cm x 2cm (Approx.)
M: 16cm x 3cm (Approx.)
L: 18cm x 4cm  (Approx.)

Why are Bone Marrow Chews so popular?
Despite their jelly-like appearance, Bone Marrow Chews are a hard, healthy, long lasting chew that can benefit your dog in several ways:
  • High in collagen and gelatine
  • 95% Protein & very Low Fat (Plain marrow flavour less than 2% fat)
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Supports joint health
  • Maintains good dental health*
  • Excellent source of enrichment
  • Satisfying chew, helping dogs relax
IMPORTANT: For owners who have not offered Bone Marrow Chews to their dogs before, please read on to ensure they are appropriate for your hound and home before purchase.

How they are made: 100% Australian Beef or Pork Bone Marrow, plus the ingredient listed in the name. The bone marrow is extracted and heated through a patented process (so we can’t share all the details) most of the fat getting removed in the process. It is then cooled and dehydrated carefully for several weeks. This allows the chew to harden without any additives or agents.

Bone marrow contains gelatine and collagen and will dissolve with your dog's saliva. Just like any yummy natural dog chew, do not let them eat it anywhere that they might make a mess! We recommend outdoors, on tiles or on a towel. Warm water will dissolve any residue.

We advise owners of long coated breeds to consider the suitability of gelatine-based treats before buying them for your dog.

Always supervise dogs with new chew products. If the chew is a little hard for your pup to get started, you can soak one end in some warm water to soften a little.

*Dogs with suspected poor dental health or a problem tooth should never be given hard chews such as these.

Available in 3 sizes as dental chews, and a mini size as a taste tester or addition to enrichment toys (see Mini Bone Marrow Chew product)
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