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Puppy School

Primary School: For puppies age 8-16 weeks

4 week school plus exclusive online resources

Between the age of 8-16 weeks, your puppy is like a little social sponge. They learn quickly from their environment and the people and pets within it. If they do not have suitable guidance, they will fill in the missing links with their own assumptions. Covering potty training, separation, puppy training and socialisation; you will find many answers to your puppy problems in this informative course.

We teach owners and puppies simultaneously, providing new puppy parents with four whole weeks of support. We learn a lot, share a lot and have heaps of fun in the process!

$150 for 4 weeks of in-person school plus online classroom access.


We also have puppy packages available: 2 private sessions plus 4 weeks of school for $299! Contact Us for more information.

  • Training.
  • Behaviour Basics & Trouble Shooting.
  • Socialisation - Healthy play, greetings and teaching calm.
  • Well-being Health and Enrichment.
  • Home Set-Up - Do's & Don'ts, toilet training, family and guests.