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Dog & Cat Silicone Snuffle Mat - Leaf

An excellent alternative to material snuffle mats or shallow lick mats. It's the best of both activities! 

If you would like to give your pet a foraging challenge, but struggle to use snuffle mats with your pet's diet, this could be the solution! We have used this silicone mat with wet and dry ingredients with equal success.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Easy to prep and clean for all sorts of ingredients
  • Slows down eating and encourages foraging, sniffing and licking
  • Suction cups on the base help to secure it to the ground
  • Can be used vertically for grooming as a lick mat
36cm x 17cm

Note: Feeding mats and snuffle mats should only be used when supervised. Do not leave feeding mats with your pets once the food has been consumed. If damaged, remove from your pet immediately and replace the item. Not intended for chewing.
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