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Dog Slow Feeder - Wave Bowl

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The Wave eBowl is the perfect blend of difficulty and ease, with differing compartments designed for complex slow feeding and others for easier food foraging.

The Wave eBowl can be used by dogs with differing levels of enrichment expertise. For those professional enrichment dogs use all the twists and turns of the grooves.

Research shows that dogs are natural foragers and they will eat as quickly as possible, potentially causing issues like bloat - or worse. Slow down your dog's eating with this incredibly cute and semi-challenging design.

ENRICHMENT: The Wave eBowl promotes slower eating and improves digestion.

  • Perfect for serving wet and dry foods together without making a mess. 
  • You can combine foods together or separate them in hexagonal compartments. 
  • The Wave eBowl is around 4cm deep - a perfect challenge for medium-large dogs! Please note, this is not suitable for brachycephalic/short nosed dogs.
  • It's able to go into the dishwasher
  • Robust design, makes it a better option than thinner plastic feeders for heavy-pawed (and jawed) dogs.
Slower eating has the following benefits: calming and soothing for your dog, may help prevent bloat, improve digestion, better gut health and small meals last longer. Slow feeders can help keep your dog entertained, reduce separation distress, reduce boredom and unwanted behaviours associated with boredom.

Soaked kibble, meat, doggy peanut butter, soft pet food, cream cheese, yogurt (Greek), mashed pumpkin, rough greens, blueberries, egg, crushed treats... and so much more (we have a list if you want it ;) )

While we have added this bowl to our tough range due to its robustness compared to other slow feeder bowls, this is obviously not a chew toy. Supervise your pet while using this enrichment eBowl. If eBowl becomes damaged, remove from pet immediately.

DIMENSIONS: 20cm diameter. Weight: 360grams

Cleaning: Hot soapy water and dishwasher friendly
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