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Puppy & Kitten Snuffle Mat - Lollipop

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Surprise your pet with a new activity! Switch out that boring bowl and let your pet sniff and forage instead.
  • Large, functional snuffle mat
  • Excellent for pets who need to practice calm, focus and patience
  • Can be used in pens and crates for positive associations and separation training
  • Slows down feeding and provides foraging opportunities with dry treats/kibble
  • Bowl shape helps to contain food
  • Fleece material with anti-slip backing
  • Machine washable

How to use?
Super easy. Lay it flat on the ground in a quiet area, sprinkle your pet's dry food over the mat and let them sniff out their meal!

Hide some treats deeper in the mat, underneath the folds of fabric. This will encourage more of that foraging behaviour, helping to satisfy their busy brain and their appetite at the same time.

* Supervise pets when introducing any new toys or feeders. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets, especially if there is a risk of destruction or ingestion of the product.
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